New York Harbour Railway Tug

The “Jersey City” still works in the N Y Harbour. Originally it towed trains on barges across from N Y city to Long Island, before a bridge was built.

The Model is made from an American KRICK kit. A fine sturdy boat which sails beautifully even in high winds, rough water, has a good turn of speed, turning circle and really looks impressive.

If required to tow I has enough power for this. There are working navigation, lights as well a bridge and super structure search light. These are as on the original. It’s painted and logoed in the original colours. I use 11.1 5000 Mah is more than adequate for an hours running around.

It is 38 inches (910 mm) long. And 9 inches wide (22.8 cm) It has a new MFA motor and 50 amp speed controller. As I use a Spectrum 2.4 gig set up the boat does not come with receiver, transmitter or battery.

The model was made about 18 month ago, The kit costs £330 without motors and electrics.

I need to sell her to make way for other models constructed.




Alan Stanbrook – Telephone 023 9307 0430